How do i built?

I dont know how to built.
Clicking on built i can builtt streets etc but i dont know how to built a second plant storage or a second wet .
So now i just have not enouph place for goods.
I think this may happen automaticly but my evolution is good.
How can i proceed.
Im german so i have some problems with the specific words but i hope you understand my problem. HH

Hello 2phil4u,

If you just started to download and play the game you will need to complete the task given. You just need to follow the instructions at first. If you are still stuck somewhere and unable to build can you please send a screenshot maybe so i can help you further.

I have a small income as a game tester and now i was concentrating on this game.
I firstly did not take much attention to the game.
They want me to buult a second plant storage and other things but like you can see on the screenshot i have this menue but how to start builting ?

Sorry bad screenshots.
I now took full screen.
They want me to built but i dont know hoa.

just click and drag the plant and put it at the plant area.