How do I acquire my in game ID number?

I have had to factory reset my tablet which, when reinstalling the game, has started me over with a new account from the beginning. How do I acquire my old game ID so I can continue from where I was?

Hello , did you link your account to email or Facebook?

If you didn’t you need to contact GM in game to restore your account or on official discord create a ticket

I linked it to an email. Thank you for replying.

You need to play up to level 3 in the tutorial.
Then you should be able to reconnect to your old account by clicking on the banner on the top > Settings > Account > Switch Account.

It should then reconnect by using your bound information. :slight_smile:

Yes, it was agonizing to have to wait for three levels to go by. I now have the information I need should this happen again. Thank you for your help.