How are we all feeling about lost island?!

  • I still have PTSD from first on and still in fetal position, no chance!
  • I am prepared and ready to go! I’m excited for the event!
  • I am not sure what the event is about but willing to give it a shot
  • I have no interest in event
  • I’m nervous and feel undecided.

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Some helpful advice going into lost island!

  1. Make sure have plenty of safe resources for healing
  2. Don’t go crazy with clay, built direct paths and focus one direction.
  3. Coordinate a time to where the majority is online or split into 2 times. Max cooperation is going to be needed.
  4. Do the daily quests to keep earning clay for alliance.
  5. Building enhancement is going to take a lot of resources and is vital.
  6. Hornets, hornets, hornets. They give chest in which you can pick what resource gained.