Herder class info- svs

Herder class is often under rated because of the extra resources lost when raided. But herder is a beautiful class for those svs focused

How is herder svs?
As you level your class you get new class features and open feature slots. In herder the first svs point boost you unlock is gathering, at 52 you get wild hunt point bonus and so on.

By changing the feature bonus daily to match svs event you will always have a point bonus percentage. Coupled with zone development research closing 9 shells becomes very feasible!

Herder also has no damage penalty or gathering penalty making it very versatile and avoiding unnecessary class change.

Herder class has a special store as well. Bulk res, buffs, and items for a heavily discounted price. Honey dew becomes easy to get as herder and can use honeydew as a currency to buy the items needed to advance and build.


Thanks for the information, myself I’ve only switched between cultivator and raider. But from now on I’ll use herder as go to class until any of the other classes are needed.

I’m interested in seeing if herder class would be best for farm hills. Would it be beneficial for support hills?

Herder is a good choice for farms. Even though herder gets a garrison defense bonus, it still gives extra resources when being raided


Herder also gets Giant Destructor frags from the tasks in tree. You’ll get get dupes quite early if you switch between all three classes.


What is with the “tax rate” associated with the herder class? I’ve experimented with the herder class before, but it felt like I was losing resources when AFK. Once you level the herder class building to 25, the “tax level” falls to 15% (which is still pretty massive if it’s “removing” 15% of your production through some taxation mechanic. I was a bit turned off by the class due to the ambiguity of the tax rate and what exactly that applied to. Thanks!

The tax is for sending resources to other players. It what they “drop” on way to ally.

Definetly a big help

I prefer changing my farm to Herder class if my main account’s troop stamina is depleted (since
the class has the ability to share resources ) or when I want to purchase resources with honeydew…

Great help !
Haven’t even thought about, now I really take a big step in developing my game strategy with all the 3 classes.

Actually I only developed cultivator and raider class and so I like to have an idea how to integrate herder in my class change scheme.
The only thing I actually do to optimise points Tuesday is start gathering Monday with raider to switch to cultivator to finish on Tuesday when tiles are nearly empty.
So someone can please share with us his weekly class-change planning ?
Thanks a lot for your help.


I change every three days unless it ends up raider on Tuesday. I keep a few class changes on hand from the vip store to switch if need.

My play style however is very casual, I don’t raid other players and focus on svs and colony action. I may raid a little less resources if cultivator and hitting a farm but I take advantage of other perks. For instance I tend to mass rapid more as herder and farm more insects for baits.

Herder is all about safe resources, points, and glorious honeydew!


Herder class special building

The herder class has a unique building that allows you to buy resources, speedups, and buffs. The currency used is honeydew and diamonds. The higher your herder building is the cheaper these items are to buy.

warning- don’t get to excited about the deal of the day. There are 4 options and items are random.

Here is a sample- my building is level 24 presently

I like to take advange of the store when my unsafe honeydew builds up.

Feel free to compare the price of resources bought from the diamond store :slight_smile:

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I used Herder to get to lv 25 fast. But on further progress, unless you’re a p2w, raiding using herder against stronger players is difficult.