[Guide] Lost island-s476-Alzalam

Hello everyone,

This is the head of Anime Girl Alzalam, on Short Alza,
who wants to accuse you of some tips and guides that we have been using as an alliance for a long time!

I will not discuss the preparations for the island here, only the tips already on the island.

The first post will be divided by topics, if you have any questions, I am available on Discord!

So, enjoy reading!

  1. Start island (First hours)
  2. Divide orders
  3. Fortress time!
    3.1. Basic Tactics
    3.2 Host & Followers
    3.3 “1k” In short
    3.4 Jump, jump, jump!
  4. Help other

1 The main factor on which the success of the island depends is the number of troops, so you should focus on taking over all mines as soon as possible. According to the type of army you are playing, their maximum number and the highest possible levels. For example, if you are a Marksman player, you must collect mines with a yellow ant.

2a. The next factor is to establish an appropriate division of roles. R5 as the main manager should appoint individual people for given tasks: 2-3 people for diplomacy, 2 for planning towers and fortresses, 2 for giving commands during combat.

Making decisions together is key. But ultimately it is these players who deserve the most attention on a given topic. Tower planners are the most important, but more on that another time

3.1. To allow players to win as many prizes as possible, I suggest using the “Host & Followers” tactic mixed with the “1k” tactic. Descripion both under

The “Host & Followers” tactic is to prepare a plan for the fortress (Residence and Lair) in advance. On each side, it is suggested to set up 2-3 players. This gives us a number of 8 to 12 people who do rally.

When using this tactic, choose Hosts (preferably people with an extra rally slot) to increase the amount. Followers (all players) choose their Host and only join it, preferably with 2 Marches, to give other people a chance to get rewards.

3.3. The “1k” tactic in a nutshell is to use MAXIMUM 1k units in a rally.
Someone ask me: Why so?
Such an amount gives a definite chance of hitting the fortress by the majority of the alliance members. Thanks to this, the fortress give the largest amount of additional materials and fruits for ALL members

After hitting the fortress, you must “jump” to a free field and return to the same place and do 4 rally again to take over the fortress to the end.

  1. Don’t play selfishly and remember that the island was created for everyone to have fun, not just selected people!

Good luck!


Thank you for your tips :blush:



Hello, on to the specifics:

  1. The key in building towers is their specific planning, so it is important to appoint 2 or 3 people to plan this to reduce unnecessary wear and tear on the towers

  2. For proper planning, I recommend using a map of your zone and marking the planned roads one day in advance

  3. The key to placing towers is placing them with their “corners” to each other, it allows. It covers longer distances

  1. As I mentioned in the previous topic, such people are your salvation, because they take responsibility for it. So dont be mad on they.

  2. After placing the tower, it is recommended to use as many of the best army as possible to shorten its construction time. 300+ thousand t9 units, then SX and SXI

  3. It is important to allow members to take 5 towers and then 10. This gives access to additional troops and thus honor, which will allow you to take over more colonies.

  4. The next point will be divided in 2 different ways, and there is a certain relationship:

If you are a development or blue zone player, or if you want to fight enemy Clans, read point A

If you are all other colors and don’t want to fight the day, read point B

A) It is crucial to fill the clay warehouses to Maximum and not spend them for 2 days until the tunnels open (pictured below) when the bonus wears off and the tunnel is taken over, the extra clay will allow you to lift the building limits, and thus instead of 7 towers in the alien zone will build 22 of them

B) Building is recommended to open clash zone runes. In this case, you should collect as many reinforcements as possible from the starting zone and move to the Clash zone with full strength, preferably immediately after the reset, to capture as many buildings as possible. Filling the clay storages 2 days before without using any clay will remove the build limits. Which instead of 7 towers, will allow you to build 22

  1. Building in Clash Zone like I zone 51 costs 2x more and takes 2x more time. Hence, it is best to prepare for it a few days in advance, I encourage you to use one of the methods above

Good luck and best regards! Alza


This is a truly amazing guide for tower placement. We appreciate the time you put into this and even more appreciate you sharing with the ants community. :slight_smile:



Stamina & Mudskipper


Total energy cost after personal rewards:

300 mudskipper
100 insects for the event (5x bunnys, crab, snakes etc)
200 hornet x20
80 harvest 2x per day
15 3x Towers
40 Fortress (2 ralies on one unit)
5 build in barracks
735 stamina in total

1 point of energy regenerates in 6 minutes, 10 stamina = 1 hour
Per day you can collect 240 stamina from on one unit, a total of 960 from regeneration + 400 if you saved stamina the previous day, so 1360. But for daily activities you need around 740. So you have a lot of energy to save


The best approach in my opinion:

  1. Event with Mudskipper is about beating this monster on the map. important to do at least 20M damage (more then this 20M, dont increase rewards)

  2. it is important that alliance members hit as many times as possible (personal rewards are for 10, max you can hit 15)

  3. Each hit takes 30 stamina, so you have to be careful with your personal actions

  4. To make the best use of stamina, I suggest searching for lizards or Gekkos 1h before the reset, which have time to disappear over 1h and doing a rally with a delayed start. This will allow you to regenerate a few more energy points.

  5. After the reset, it is crucial to do 10 lizards quickly, 3x rally pro I unit 1, and 2x each unit 2 and unit 3.

  6. There will be about 200 stamina left on the units, I suggest making 16 insects which will leave us 40 stamina

  7. Sending to harvest 3x will take 30 stamina, and sending to construction will take another 5.

  8. In this way, energy is used most efficiently.

  9. After the start of the day, about 8 hours after the reset, we roll back the harvest and complete the missing Hornets. use the remaining stamina on Mudskipper. And we’re sending it back to harvest. repeat the action and try to save stamina for possible help with fortresses or for the construction of towers

  10. For the next days of this event, repeat the action.

Good luck and I have. Hope I helped someone


This is an amazing breakdown! I love to see the different strategies.

What I did was I hit the mudskipper with my pro first. Then moved my pro set up to my March 2. Hit it again. Moved pro set up to March 3 and repeated until I had hit a total of 12 times. Then if I had colonies to get I did those first. If not, I did one insect with each army. Went to bed and finished the rest in the morning. However, our alliance chose to wait for the nature event creatures (bunny’s/snakes etc) until the end of the Mudskipper event because we still had 3 days to get the 15 creatures the event required. That took a load off!

It was a challenge at first but got into a good groove. One that I actually kept using. Except I’d do all my geckos then insects. Go to bed and hunt more insects.

I appreciate you sharing your tips!