Groundhog Revenge Activity Guide



Is the event already available?

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Dear @KnightOfRed_00,

So far it is only open for earlier server i heard.
Here is a video of it.


Hey KnightOfRed_00,

This event is currently only open to select servers. At this time there is no information on when and if other servers will receive the roll out.

Happy anting :slight_smile:

Can you level up the event difficulty ? It starts with Level one when it first time reaches your server and you can not chose a different level than 1.

(Which is kinda like enemy soldiers attack with 250% attack and Defence - peace of cake…)

Can you chose level 2 next time the event comes up or is this something not implemented yet ?

Because level 1 does not even require anybody to log in - just let it happen while you are asleep and no difference…

Currently only level 1 difficulty will be available, and more difficulty levels will be unlocked in the future. @Piepsii


Hopefully soon - and hopefully the event will become available in Island / BL, too.
I think there are 8-16 hours protected on BL where the event can be started as well.


By the way, we’ve had the event today for the first time (and we hope the harder levels will be implemented soon, also making the event available in Barren Lands), but one feedback from my players:

R2 should be able to get the required points for the max individual rewards as well, if they win every wave 20/20 in their own ant hill.

Currently only R3+ are able to get that reward due to the extra strong attacks in round 7 etc.
(And defending other ant hills is not a valid option because your troops probably don‘t fight there very often.) You make as R2 on level 1 of the event around 1.0M points, but you need 1.25M or so.