Get Level 11 Ladybugs Fast

Want a level 11 ladybug for 30% more honeydew?

I know a secret that can get you one.

Butcher gold insects and redeem the insect shells for level 1 ladybugs. Then star them up until you have a level 11!

Enjoy that honeydew! :slight_smile:

-Da Bug


Don’t do that, for these reasons:

  1. It would take butchering 342 gold 1-star insects to buy enough 1-star blue feeders to make an 11-star blue insect.
  2. All gold insects should be saved as feeders for higher-starred gold insects, considering that most players hatch at a rate of 1-3 gold insects a week.
  3. Never butcher gold insects to buy blue ones. Instead, butcher blue or purple insects to buy gold.
  4. Gold insects are the main way to advance in the game.

Please don’t spread false tips like this.


I understand what you’re saying however you get more than one blue insect and this post is for the sole goal of a lvl 11 ladybug. This isnt a post regarding the path to become the most powerful or greatest advancement in the game so I agree with you in that regard. Thank you for your clarification on this matter. :grinning:


I appreciate you responding :smiley: . The forum is still a little in its infancy, and we’ll be organizing it a little better over the coming days. I just wanted to make sure that newbies to the game didn’t start butchering all their gold insects lol. I probably would have made that mistake when I first started playing :laughing: .

I know this is a Ladybug thread but i have a simple question.

I have a 8 star Locust and a 7 star Ladybug. What is overall better to get to 11 star between those 2.

I would choose the Locust. The extra resources gathered directly impacts SVS score. If you gather for Alliance Expedition, the march speed increase at 10 stars also impacts your AE score. In contrast, the Ladybug just gives resources that could be obtained more efficiently elsewhere.


Ladybug for honeydew. Hardesr resource to get. Locust helps with sand gsthering soeed.

Correction its a 5% increase not 30%. I was confusing it with herder class increase.

Yea thats why i went to Ladybug first because any % (even if only 5%) in honeydew output is a good %.

But if the locust bonus apply to AE score then it’s tempting especially when the other side is stronger and gathering is the only option to get that 20K personal score.

Likewise, I went for the Locust. An 11-star locust has +15% gathering speed and carry load. This cuts the Raider debuff on gathering from -30% speed to -15% speed, and loads from -50% to -35%. For Cultivators, it brings the max gathering speed up from 50% to 65%, and loads from 100% to 115%. This really helps free up my pre-gather time and AE (when I can actually get there).

[edited to add] I should note: any increase in capacity load and speed really helps to limit the points an enemy server might gain during SvS while attacking your tiles while gathering. Being able to only send out 15k troops for shorter periods, for example, can make a pretty big difference in your risk of getting caught and thus the final scores at the end of the day.

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