General experience, Barren, S745KTV

The official competition is at an end, with the last few days of settlement in order. Just a general post.

Our matchup:

Kill rankings:

The matchup was surprising, speaking as a member in range 5 against opponents in range 1.

We did not win, as expected, however, this was by far my favourite Barren land experience I have yet participated in.

My most important aspect in any season is the environment/manner of interaction between allies and opponents alike; this includes barren camp, season chat and other interfaces we use with allies to discuss. I do believe that non-toxicity and politeness is an essential component of creating an enjoyable, light atmosphere to the game.

Our allies GAZ and HAN were co-operative, responsive, always engaged in discussions, supportive and kind.

Our opponents, VAC, H2K and KTA(219) were friendly and courteous; season chat was full of interesting and enjoyable conversations. Always thanking eachother after a fight.

The difference in strength due to wide range gap was acknowledged, and was lovely to see our alliance being complimented by them in endurement of fights regardless. A special shout out to KFC VAC, who always had me in giggles.

Each alliance has strong, game knowledgeable and active members, whether f2p or p2w.

Our non protection time was 00:00UTC to 16:00UTC, and with fights ongoing, even just for combat fun, members in different timzones all had the opportunity to engage.

Some disadvantages included several members unable to increase kill count due to the stronger members attacking/defending towers.

My own “self challenge” for 1billion kills was setback by a week’s travel vacation.
However, the travel was worth it lol, and Im content with my activity, balanced with real life commitments.

This was my first season with KTV745, I was in MAG697, and I have chosen to stay.

MAG will always be ant home to me, with the love I have for the members there and a year of history together. I can say KTV has now also become another ant home.

Looking forward to our next season, new members and all future journeys.

If anyone in range of any of the alliances in this barren land, I do actually recommend every single one. It was a pleasure to meet them.


Hello @Noon
Thank you very much for sharing your experience with us .
I enjoyed reading it .
I’m glad to hear that you have a pleasant journey at barren land with friends.

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