GAE from S753 is recruiting!

Hey guys,

GiAntsElite from S753 is recruiting. We are a supportive, and victory-oriented alliance that values ​​action. We are currently looking for active support for barren land. Join us if you like fighting in a team and if you want to learn more about the game. Your alliance can also merge with us if there is any intrest .We are top1 alliance on 753. Our server is in gold League and very active. We are a peaceful server with clear and fair rules that everyone follows. all alliances treat each other with respect. you are also welcome to join with your alliance to 753. I can help you to migrate with all of your members.

We are looking for New members who are …

  • active
  • motivated
  • team player
  • communicative
  • determined
  • Ambitious

And also who loves to fight!

if you are interested feel free to message me. We would like to give you more information about us.

You are also welcome to join our Discord community server. there you will find players from different servers, minigames and tips for better development.

Let’s be GiAnts

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