Future Version Breaking News (2): The "Evolution" of Special Ants

** Future Version Breaking News (2): The “Evolution” of Special Ants**:fire:

Jerry led the Special Ants team to the site of the incident, and surprisingly, the “Evolution” potential of some witnesses was triggered by a mysterious force. :confetti_ball:

They discovered that they can gain new abilities​:muscle: by upgrading and breaking through the “evolution” level. By upgrading their level, the appearance of some ants has undergone earth-shattering changes. :hatching_chick:

Can you still recognize these ants🤔? How did they originally look like? What are the important materials for upgrading and breaking through the “Evolution” level, and through which channels can they be obtained👀?

:writing_hand:Leave a comment in the topic discussion area and share your thoughts with your game ID! Mysterious rewards will be delivered via email within 7 working days after the end of this topic on June 21, 23:59:59 (UTC+0).

Attention: The feature is still in the optimization stage, and it will not be available on June 19 version update. The specific release date will be subject to the official release by the developer.

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ID :42581490
I expected something strange :rofl: :rofl:

I always sacrificed GA, GG. :sleepy:
I think I should protect them :thinking:

ID: 18253865

Love that the GT gets another feature enhancement. Make me so happy that I didn’t take away her stars. Can’t wait to see which ants will get this feature with time. Love that you guys focus on making the older ants stronger again to keep up with the season special ants.

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ID: 56208028

I keep using my GA, maybe now it will be competitive.
I hope “evolution” uses some of the existing buildings.

Keep with your good job, I enjoy a lot this game!

id 35279061
GT ist glaub ich nicht so wichtig der ist so stark
GA GG brauchen ein bisschen Liebe ;D

Die Frage ist ob das nur die 3 sind ;D
und was wir dafür brauchen ;D
Die 3 Hüllen werden erst mal nicht kaputt gemacht :laughing:

Si excited waiting something strange
ID: 43860486

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