Frequently Asked Questions

As we start moving forward with the website, there will bound to be questions folks bring up on a regular basis. We’ll try to keep track of these in this pinned post, to avoid multiple topics from being created.

Note: This post will change as more FAQs come forward.

Forum Navigation

Q: It’s hard to navigate the site, or find anything useful.

You’re right :slight_smile: . We are creating several new categories over the coming weeks, to help reduce the confusion that the current “bare bones” structure has. Our goal is to make browsing important topics easier, while also encouraging folks to provide more in-depth explanations than Discord typically can allow.

Q: Why are all of the main categories in English?

There’s a fantastic global player base in the game, with strong support for conversations across multiple languages. Discourse, on the other hand, isn’t as strong in those areas. English was chosen as the most accessible language for players to work with. We are working on an in-line translating ability for posts, and also have language-specific sections for those who wish to post in their native text.

Creating Posts

Q: Why can’t I use animated GIFs in my post?

The short answer is, Discourse doesn’t provide support for animated GIFs. If you’re still craving a meme fix, our Discord (The Ants Official) are teeming with them every day :slight_smile: .

Q: Why was my post moved?

There are times where a new post needs a little tweaking. This is going to happen a lot at first, as the forum gains new members, then lessen as people get used to the new website. The main reason why a post has been moved include:

  1. It fits better under a different category;
  2. It was merged into an existing topic that discusses the same issue;
  3. Your reply didn’t pertain to the original post, and was split off (or merged) into a new topic;
  4. It wasn’t appropriate.

The Moderator Team will do its best to provide editing notes when posts are moved :slight_smile: .