Free Frontline Guardians Balance

Hello Guys,

I was looking for some ants that are displayed as lower guardian tiers of PvP formations (according to this post Special Ants Tier List (June 2023)), and find that some of them have something in common: Warfare leadership.

For me makes sense since guardans meant to be defensive ants that hold your frontline while middle and backline do their job. Increase guardian middle/backline skill damage wont work the same way as shooter (that really meant to deal damage).

Knowing that this skill needs a full guardian ants troop (leader + normal ants), it obviously wont be used, or at least wont be that effective in pvp.

So, why not rework that buff, making this able to affect all kind of ants, even reducing from 60% to something like 20 or 30%?

It would help to make those 2 (Black Cancer and Rock Bandit) useful at PvP.

Also, I have a suggestion to Awakening skills on Black Cancer, that would make it a strong frontline, event with low damage:

Awageking skill name: Survivor

Fist Buff: Rise its squad base defense by: 3 points/First promote: 6 points/Second promote: 9 points.
Second Buff: When Fluid Leech is triggered, heals its squad by 60% of damage dealt (since its a low damage skill and 100% accurate, will rise its survivability).
Third Buff: Ants that are under effect of Adamant armor, have 20% of control resistance.

Still thinking something to Rock Bandit, but making that Warfare Leadership work for any kind of ant, would aready be really useful.

What do you guys think about?