Fourmis soldats

Quelqu’un pourrait-il m’éclairer sur quelles fourmis soldats ont un avantage sur les autres ? J’aimerais connaître quelle fourmi soldat est plus forte qu’une autre et ainsi de suite. Merci pour vos réponses

Hello @jiraya08464

There is sadly no straight answer to that question.
Each troop type has their good and bad points in comparison to the other two.
It is often, that players are forced into a specific type, because they hatch out the best ants for a specific type.

Carriers are really good, when you want a fast marching troop that is able to support other players and defenses in fights for buildings and towers.

Guardian have a really high defense buff. So if you focus your mutations, reforms and evolutions accordingly, players will have a harder time to kick you out of defenses.

Shooters cause the post damage impact. They have a slight edge over the other troop types in PvE due to that.

All in all it isn’t a straight comparison in a pyramid though.
There are a lot of other buildings, evolutions and add ons that play a huge role in which player will win in the end.

Hope that helped you a bit.


Merci beaucoup pour ton retour Sarluna !!