Forum organization

I find the Forum organization today to be much easier to use.
I see it laid out alphabetically, which is good,
however i feel that the feedback, suggestion, loat island b2, etc. could be optimized like this;

—LOST ISLAND BETA 2 <-------link/redirect
—SITE FEEDBACK <----------------link/redirect

This would work for each language catagory.
As my language is English and i see the English Catagory, i do NOT expect to see other english categories outside of it. The same would be sais for any language and I feel would help optimize Forum navigation and communication.

This is an interesting take, and one that I think can be done. I need to discuss it with the developers, and then see how manageable it is. My personal opinion is that the English category is redundant, and should be merged with Global. But that’s again my take on things lol. I can say that we’re still looking into the organization a good bit, but got delayed by the release of Season 2. Once that dust clears a little, I’ll be back on top of developing the site itself.

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If I can add an idea - topics, marked or appearing as a guides shouldn’t be deleted after locking in few days… This forum will grow up I believe and there will be newbies, looking for some basic infos :slight_smile:
Imho no threads should be deleted at all, just moved to right category and locked, if answer is found.

//EDIT: I mean threads like this one, for example.

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I agree with you, which is why we’re working to organize the guides a little better. As for the post that you mentioned, it’s part of the Lost Island’s Observer Journals. All journals are supposed to have a main topic and then keep their updates (such as the Season Soldier Ants) as replies within that topic. We’re still working on a way to highlight the best guides that are there, and hope to have something better for the next Season.

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