Forum Organization 21MAR23

The forum will be undergoing some minor organizational improvements over the next week. These changes will make the forum easier to navigate and introduce some new features.

  • The Forum Rules and Guides category will be merged with the Game Updates & Events category to put all your news in one location.
  • Categories will be marked according to their language. International (all language) categories will display a globe icon, and categories for one language will display a flag representing the language spoken.
  • The order of categories will be changed to create more natural navigation.
  • A new category containing a collection of player guides curated by staff will be made available.
  • Category descriptions will be improved.
  • Mobile view will be optimized.
  • When in question and answers categories, the topic creator will be able to mark a reply as solving the question.
  • New badges will be available to be unlocked by answering other player’s questions.
  • The tag system will be optimized.

We hope that these changes will improve your time on the forum.

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