Forum Organization 10/28/22

Hi all. In order to make the forum easier to use, we will be slightly changing some of the categories and subcategories that you see. These changes will occur over the course of the next two weeks, to ensure that we don’t break any current conversations that are happening.

Changes Already Made

  • Creation of a Newsletters, Updates, and Events category. This is to centralize all communication from the Ants game Developers, Player Staff Members, and Fairies.
  • Created a Forum Updates subcategory, under Forum Rules and Guides. This is to keep track of any forum updates that are either planned or underway.
  • Moved Site Feedback so that it is now a subcategory of “Forum Rules and Guides”. It made more sense than having this as a category of its own.

Changes Planned Sooner

  • Consolidating all “Events” posts. These are currently under the General Game Discussion, and will be moved to the Events subcategory. Old events will be closed, to avoid confusion on which are still ongoing.
  • Creation of a “Player’s Guides” category, which will include tables, images, and strategy guides for various aspects of the game.
  • Creation of a “Creator’s Corner” category, for the more creative side of our player community.
  • An adjustment of the In-Game Calendar. This was originally created with a much simpler Lost Island Event in mind. We will more than likely have separate calendars per Lost Island, and one for the regular game.

Changes Planned Much Later

  • Handling Non-English Languages. Multiple languages on the site continue to be a small issue, as the translator function is not at all perfect. We will be exploring different options as we are able to make this easier for everyone, where possible.

As a reminder, if you have questions on the Forum itself, please feel free to create a topic in the Site Feedback category :smiley: .