Forum Functionality Training

Hey fellow Ant Rulers! For those of you who are wanting to get more familiar on how to use the Forum and collaborate, there is a great interactive training available!

First you will want to select your Profile picture:

Then click the Mail tab and select the expand arrow:

Select New Message:

You will want to send the message to “discobot” and can title the message whatever you’d like. I chose “Forum Training”. In the message body type in “@discobot start tutorial” as seen below and then discobot will begin the interactive training!:

Finished and up for more of a challange!? Try out the Advanced Tutorial Training! You will want to follow the same steps as above, however in the message body you will type in “@discobot start advanced tutorial” as seen below and discobot will begin the Advanced Training!

Upon completion of each training, you will also recieve a nifty badge to show off on your Profile! Check out mine to see!

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