Formaldehyde and Vines: Chapter 2, Empty Memories

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After what felt like the most fun they have ever had, Olive and Xavier knew the night was coming to an end - or at least the party was. On the way home they giggled as they snuck past their very favorite fast food joint to snag some crumbs from the outside bin. Once they secured their haul, they adventured off to the park for some moonlight conversation. Maybe this would be the night that saved their marriage, they both thought silently.

Neither of them really knew what had happened. One day they were in love and nothing would ever stand in the way of that, and then one day they were just roommates living next to each other to pass the days without having to feel so alone.

Time felt endless as they shared old memories and talked about new dreams. For just a moment, they both remembered what it felt like to fall in love again. Xavier took Olive’s hand in his and began to talk.

“Listen, I know these past few months haven’t been our idea of perfect. I just don’t feel like I’m ready to give up on us yet, O”.

His hand slowly traced over her mandibles. Olive took a deep breath and took a moment to look up at the moon.

“Xavier, I-”

A blood curdling scream cut through the air like a knife and suddenly Olive was snapped back to reality. Immediately, Xavier got up and placed a protective arm over Olive. They both stay silent as they feel the vibrations under their feet. How far away was this danger? Would it come looking for them?

The next 5 minutes were painfully silent. There wasn’t a vibration to be felt. the balmy summer air stuck to their antennas and suddenly they remembered to breath.

Without a word, Xavier pulled Olive up on her feet and they ran out of the park. The night they needed suddenly took a sick turn and they didn’t want to stick around to figure out what happened.

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