Fircone event october 2022

The time to gather firecone has come !
And with this event, comes a couple good news and discoveries.

But first, how does this event work ?
By accomplishing your daily alliance challenges, you’ll be able to obtain firecones that can be used to shake the tree.
If you’re a lucky one, You might obtain the jackpot that can be chosen on the event page as shown below:

If luck doesn’t come to you, you can always, with the help of some packs, obtain the guaranteed reward once reaching the 200 points. This can be repeated every 200 points :wink:

The jackpots !

Firstly, we have the pleasure to discover a new insect, the long awaited one for carrier players, it is the whip scorpion.

In terms of stats compared to your usual scorpion, he is better at everything !
But is he better than the emperor scorpion ?

If you were to compare the both of them at 11 stars each, the whip scorpion has :
+5% health
+20% attack on skills
-10% defense on skills
+5% carriers damage

Not only will it be very interesting for the fights against other players, but also against groundhog and pangolin as the damages will be higher.

The special skill of this scorpion applying poison is clearly its main strength.
But that poison doesn’t mean You have to play with Golden Crystal or Grave Digger for the poison to apply.
Indeed, the insect gives you a chance to apply poison just by using skills !

In any cases, coupling this insect with both Grave Digger and Golden Crystal remain a solid combo.

And that’s not all !
This new event will allow players who had missed their chance to get a couple special ants that are quite interesting for shooter and carrier players;

  • Lathy Sniffer
    Known of all, she’s spreading death on the battlefield and is very powerful against pangolins and groundhog.
    A true must have for shooters.
  • Myrmarachne formicaria
    This newcomers in the ant pool is showing itself for the second time now.
    Mainly used as a frontline for the carriers, it does have a good potential that has not been fully used yet as no one had the option to star it up so far.

This rounds up the presentation of this event, for further infos, I’ll invite You in the game to take a look by yourself :slight_smile: