Find Sand quickly

I’m wondering is there a bug or something that I can attack to get sand quickly? I’m always short on sand and having trouble upgrading. I do go to the sand piles outside the hill but that is an hour of gathering like 9000

Hello , dear @Bluemoonenergy

Sand is kinda hard to get in the game, but there’s some tips for you in order to gain more sands resources:
1- upgrade the tire sand resources inside the anthills.
2- collect sand offers from ladybug.
3- gathering sand piles resources on the map ( lvl 7/8 ) if possible , remember to use T2/T1 Carrie troops for higher load capacity using cultivor class.
4- farming dead anthills using raider class , and also using t1/T2 for fast troops and more load capacity.
5- svs shells is very important to gain resources.
6- organise your upgrade building and evolution research for example:

A building requires sand , you upgraded it for this week.

Evo research requires sand , you delay it for next week. And pick another Evo that’s doesn’t require sand in it .

And vice versa.