[February 13] Update Maintenance Notice

[Update Time]
February 13, 7:00-7:30 (UTC+0)

[New Features]

  1. Added the Dynamic Troop Emoji system.
  2. Added Special Ant Awakening for Ghost Ant and Mimicry Master.


  1. Added Gene Evolution to the Gene System (Unlocks after owning a 10-star Gene).
  2. Added a filter function under the Combat and Develop tabs on the Special Ant screen.


  1. Fixed the issue that some Alliances’ names were displayed incorrectly during the Matchmaking Period of the Season.
  2. Fixed the issue that the [Last Ranking] was not displayed on the Restrain Groundhog event screen.
  3. Fixed the issue that some Rulers’ Alliance information was displayed incorrectly on the Point Rankings of Alliance Expedition.
  4. Fixed the issue that some special effects were displayed in the wrong place during the beginner’s tutorial.