Feature request: in game trading

Trading system for any hills.

  1. Trading across anthills within an alliance
  2. Trading across alliances with tariffs designated by R4+

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I don’t fully understand the swap thing you mentioned. Can you tell me more about the things you want to trade?

Hi loidxl, yes, it’s come up a few times. Trading inventory buffs, but I could see this working for rss as well. We already have the herder class that’s able to send rss. So, like that, but across classes, and alliances. The tariffs would be to have it cost something.

This would trade stamina, and sometimes ants, with another finite resource, potentially diamond, and opens up the world of trade across alliances.

I think the idea could work with some things, but for Special Ants, people would definitely abuse it. It would cause a lot issues as it would encourage people start making more accounts so they can try to get the ants they want, some server already have people with 20+ farm accounts, and I’ve always believed even farm accounts shouldn’t be allowed.

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