Fast Guide to special ants formation

A lot of ppl asking me : Hey mine formations are good?

So i’ll made a quick guide to special ants:

Before start buildind your formation answer a few questions:

1 - I’ll pay some ant?
2 - I have acess do isle ants?
3 - Its formation do groundhog or pvp?
4 - What’s your main class?

1 - If you invest in game, basically all ants are good.
2 - Some season ants are insane.
3 - for GH speacial ants with more DMG are good, for PVP you want crowd control.
4 - Some formations are good to shooter, some to guardians, some to carrier ants.

In your formation you will use : a meelee ant in frontline + a support ant + 1 Ranged ant , or 2 ranged ants, for groundhog you will use 3 damage ants.

Ants good for shooter: Reap Master (line 3) , Jack Jumper (line 2 or 3) , Lathy Sniffer (line 2 or 3)
Ants good for Carries ants : Shikaree Master (line 3) , Golden Crystal (line 2 or 3, guys this ant are INSANE), ghost ant (for pvp in line 1 or 2)
Ants good for guardian : Proatta (in line 1, the king of ants) , Leaf Devourer (insane broken, in line 3).

Good for all ocasions : Golden armor , Giant tooth, slim archer, crimson fragger (@ line 3), golden sugar (for gh)

The discuss about formation are infinite, so if you want more help, just ask me, i’m Oalim from alliance (New) @ #548 , a.k.a Mãozinha.


Thanks for sharing that :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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Thank you for taking the time to write it, it is valuable information

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Hi, thanks so much for sharing this!

For someone with limited orange ant choices, how would you recommend using universal orange ants in a formation? Are they worth it?

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Jack jumper is a good one, also Slim archer, giant tooth, crimson fragger…

Gold Armor?

All I have are Gold Armor, New World General, Acid General, and Golden Spiny. Just trying to figure out which oranges I should keep when I get em and which to turn into shells

Gold armor is the one of best free ants

I have a question regarding season ants.

  • Are they exclusive to the island (can only be accesed if you go to the island) or they will be introduced someday in the general hatch.
  • I ask because i don’t think i can make it to the island the first time it arrives on my server range.

yes, they are exclusive for servers in isle range

Thats unfortunate.

So if i don’t make it to the island when it’s my server range turn. I will have to wait for at least 6 moths for another oportunity to get some of those season ants.

Then the question is. How much powerfull are the season ants compared to regular orange ants.

  • Will i be at a huge dissadvantage when the people who make it to the island return or it’s just a little power creep.

When you say “for groundhog you will use 3 damage ants” what ants does this include? Also how can you tell if they are a ‘damage ant’ or not??

Hey Joshee!

There are several combat ants in the game. From green to orange and from type specific (shooter, carrier, guardian) to universal (which can be used with any unit).

The easiest way to tell if an ant is a damage ant (aka combat ant) is to use the tabs under special ants. All of your fighting ants that you have will be listed there.

When looking at an individual ant, their first skill will identify them as a combat ant. I’ve attached a screenshot to show you the 1st skill icon that you’d want to look for.

Hope this helps you out. :slight_smile: :ant: