Fast Guide to special ants formation

A lot of ppl asking me : Hey mine formations are good?

So i’ll made a quick guide to special ants:

Before start buildind your formation answer a few questions:

1 - I’ll pay some ant?
2 - I have acess do isle ants?
3 - Its formation do groundhog or pvp?
4 - What’s your main class?

1 - If you invest in game, basically all ants are good.
2 - Some season ants are insane.
3 - for GH speacial ants with more DMG are good, for PVP you want crowd control.
4 - Some formations are good to shooter, some to guardians, some to carrier ants.

In your formation you will use : a meelee ant in frontline + a support ant + 1 Ranged ant , or 2 ranged ants, for groundhog you will use 3 damage ants.

Ants good for shooter: Reap Master (line 3) , Jack Jumper (line 2 or 3) , Lathy Sniffer (line 2 or 3)
Ants good for Carries ants : Shikaree Master (line 3) , Golden Crystal (line 2 or 3, guys this ant are INSANE), ghost ant (for pvp in line 1 or 2)
Ants good for guardian : Proatta (in line 1, the king of ants) , Leaf Devourer (insane broken, in line 3).

Good for all ocasions : Golden armor , Giant tooth, slim archer, crimson fragger (@ line 3), golden sugar (for gh)

The discuss about formation are infinite, so if you want more help, just ask me, i’m Oalim from alliance (New) @ #548 , a.k.a Mãozinha.


Thanks for sharing that :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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Thank you for taking the time to write it, it is valuable information

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Hi, thanks so much for sharing this!

For someone with limited orange ant choices, how would you recommend using universal orange ants in a formation? Are they worth it?

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Jack jumper is a good one, also Slim archer, giant tooth, crimson fragger…

Gold Armor?

All I have are Gold Armor, New World General, Acid General, and Golden Spiny. Just trying to figure out which oranges I should keep when I get em and which to turn into shells

Gold armor is the one of best free ants

I have a question regarding season ants.

  • Are they exclusive to the island (can only be accesed if you go to the island) or they will be introduced someday in the general hatch.
  • I ask because i don’t think i can make it to the island the first time it arrives on my server range.

yes, they are exclusive for servers in isle range

Thats unfortunate.

So if i don’t make it to the island when it’s my server range turn. I will have to wait for at least 6 moths for another oportunity to get some of those season ants.

Then the question is. How much powerfull are the season ants compared to regular orange ants.

  • Will i be at a huge dissadvantage when the people who make it to the island return or it’s just a little power creep.