FAQ for the new season event - The Barren Land has been released!

[Face-to-face Planning] FAQ for the new season event - The Barren Land has been released!

Can we freely choose between the blue camp or red camp? What is R0? What is the difference between Camp Territory and Alliance territory? Why has the registration time been shortened by one day? What is…? Why…? Let’s reveal the answers together!

:raised_hand:Question 1: What is R0 and what specific limitations does it have?
:writing_hand:Official Answer:
To prevent some players within the alliance from maliciously disrupting the normal progress of the season, R5 and Officers can set them to R0 to limit some of their actions, including but not limited to:
1.R0 members can only teleport to the Initial Place of the Camp and the Alliance Blockhouse Safe Area, and cannot teleport to other areas. They cannot march toward any targets outside the Initial Place of the Alliance (including but not limited to: Invade, Attack, Rally, Join in Rally, Occupy, Reinforcement, Resource Support, Build Alliance Tower). They also cannot summon creatures outside the Initial Place of the Camp and the Alliance Blockhouse Safe Area.
2.R0 members cannot view Camp chat and Alliance chat. They can only send mails to R5 and Officers of their Alliance.
3.R0 members cannot view the mails of Camp leader.
4.Season rewards for R0 will change.

:raised_hand:Question 2: Can you please elaborate on how the camp leader is elected?
:writing_hand:Official Answer:
The camp leader is elected by R5 and officials in the camp. The alliance with the most votes will be elected as the leader alliance. In case of a tie, the alliance with higher power will be elected as the leader alliance. R5 of the leader alliance will automatically become the camp leader.

:raised_hand:Question 3: Why has the registration time of the Barren Land been shortened by one day?
:writing_hand:Official Answer:
Only an even number of alliances can participate in the Barran Land. In order to allow alliances that have been automatically unregistered by the system to have time to sign-up the Lost Island season, the registration period for the Barran Land is one day less than that of the Lost Island.

:wave:Question 4: What is the Camp protection and how long does it last? Can your own Camp customize the areas or buildings that need protection?
:writing_hand:Official Answer:

  1. The leaders of both Camps can set the protection time for their own camp on the last day of the Selection Period, so that the your Fortresses and Towers will suffer no attack. At the same time, there will be building and expedition restrictions for themselves. Currently, when activated Camp Protection lasts for 8 hours.
  2. Currently, it’s not possible to customize the areas or buildings that need protection.

:raised_hand:Question 5: What’s the difference between Camp Territory and Alliance Territory?
Is it possible to relocate solely within one’s Alliance Territory, or is free movement allowed within Camp Territory? How is the ownership of a Soldier Ants Colony determined?

:writing_hand:Official Answer:
Camp Territory

  1. Camp Fortresses and Blockhouses provide Camp Territories for the Camp. (Camp Fortresses are automatically occupied by the respective Camp at the beginning of the Season.)
  2. All Alliances within the same Camp can build Alliance Towers at the border area of Camp Territory, but cannot place Alliance Towers within Camp Territory.
  3. All members within the same Camp are allowed to relocate within their Camp Territories.

Alliance Territory

  1. Alliance Blockhouse will offer the initial Alliance Territory.
  2. An alliance can expand its Territory by building Towers or occupying Neutral Fortresses.
  3. Alliance members are allowed to relocate within their Alliance Territory.

Even if it’s within the same camp, it’s not allowed to relocate to another Alliance’s Territory.

Soldier Ants Colony Ownership
Camp members are allowed to attack Soldier Ants Colonies within their Camp Territory, while Soldier Ants Colonies in the Alliance Territory restricted to alliance members only.

:raised_hand:Question 6: Will just an alliance or all in the same Camp win the rewards from the Tree of Abundance?
:writing_hand:Official Answer:
First Occupant Rewards only belongs to the Alliance that first occupies the Tree.

:raised_hand:Question 7: Can we choose to be on the blue or red side ourselves?
:writing_hand:Official Answer:
At the moment, it’s not allowed to choose sides. The match is determined based on overall strength.

:raised_hand:Question 8: Can you tell me about the differences between the Season Stores on the Barren Land and the Lost Island? Also, could you explain what are the ways to obtain Season Fruits on the Barren Land?
:writing_hand:Official Answer:
You can obtain Seasonal Fruits on the Barren Land by hunting Wild Creatures, collecting Resources, defeating Hornets, and other activities. For more details, tap Events > Barren Land > Season Store > Season Fruit Source exclamation mark.

:raised_hand:Question 9: It’s said that up to 3 matches may be held within 38 days. Each match is expected to last about 12 days. Can you tell us what are the methods to earn more Champion Points? How can Champion Points be utilized to determine the winning Camp in case of a tie in the Wonder Points?
:writing_hand:Official Answer:
Champion Points Source

In specific conditions, whether you defeat opponent’s Season Soldier Ants or are defeated, a certain amount of Champion Points will be rewarded. For more details, tap Events > Barren Land > Camp > Wonder Occupying > Champion Points Source exclamation mark.

Win/Loss determination
The side with more Wonder Points wins when the Competition Period ends; if the Wonder Points are tied, the side with more Camp Champion Points will be declared as the winner.

:raised_hand:Question 10: As the initial places for alliances on the Lost Island may bring great advantages or disadvantages. Are the distances between the territories on the Barren Land equal or symmetrical?
:writing_hand:Official Answer: It’s not completely symmetrical, and we will make adjustments to strike a balance according to the actual situation.

:raised_hand:Question 11: What impact will it have on both sides if one Camp quit the Season during the Competition Period?
:writing_hand:Official Answer:
After a certain period of time during the Season, a Camp can initiate a vote to quit the Season. The first Camp to pass the vote is considered to be losing. The remaining Camp is considered as the winner, but can also initiate another vote to quit the Season in advance. If you quit the Season in advance, there will only some compensation rewards, and you cannot receive any Champion Points Rewards, and Camp’s Victory and Defeat Rewards.