Fan Fiction (Isuru Roshith's series) Ep.2:Seeking( 2 Pictures Updated)

Fan Fiction (Isuru Roshith’s series) Ep.2:Seeking( 2 Pictures Updated)

What is Fan fiction? It’s from fans who create derivatives about game content. This time the guest is from Sri Lanka, a beautiful island and author name is Isuru Roshith (Hela Comic), he is a digital artist and a big fan of Eminem.

He likes the ant concept, which is one of the reasons he created this series for it. Here is the 1st one among these pieces by Isuru Roshith, we really hope you like it.

Isuru Roshith is also the member of LORE TEAM (a part of MOD team). LORE TEAM is a completely open team for players. If you have creative basic in music, fiction, or art, it is the perfect platform to show your talents. Excellent authors will get official in-game item valued 1000$ at most as wage weekly.

If you are interested, please click the link to apply: