Exploring the Barren Land Camp Battle Gameplay Note 22: It's Still the Same Feeling.

The Barren Land continues some of the gameplay from Lost Island, which helps rulers adapt the new season faster. Follow Jerry to learn about the similarities between the two!

[Basic Rules]
Both old and new seasons will go through: preview period, sign-up period, matchmaking period, selection period, competition period, and settlement period. During the matching period of the Barren Land, the system will assign signed-up alliances to two camps, each consisting of multiple alliances, and then match them according to their power. During the selection period, the Barren Land will also open camp chat channels and camp functions until the end of the season.

[Camp Gameplay]
Camp gameplay is a new mode added to the Barren Land. R5 members and officers of the same camp can select the leader alliance during the site selection period, and the R5 members of the leader alliance will automatically become the camp leader, who can use exclusive camp functions.
The camp has exclusive “camp fortresses, safe zone territories, camp resource nodes”, and “camp initial place” for camp members to teleport and hide from war.
At the beginning of the season, the camp will automatically occupy all fortresses in the camp initial place and the channel and ferry between the initial places of the same camp alliance as camp fortresses.
Camp fortresses and camp blockhouses can provide camp territory, and alliances in this camp can build towers at the border of the camp territory. Camp territory allows camp members to teleport.

[Fortress Related]
Both old and new seasons will retain wonders, tree of abundance, anthills& residences, and channels & ferries, except that the Barren Land will classify all kinds of wonders into camp wonders and neutral wonders. In addition, the Barren Land has added a fortress destruction function.

[Alliance Gameplay]
The new season will continue to retain the existing gameplay of alliance blockhouse, alliance resource nodes, alliance territory, alliance towers, clay, and alliance reputation. Therefore, alliance leaders still need to expand their territory by using clay to build towers reasonably.

[Settlement Rewards]
The settlement rewards for Lost Island include honor ranking rewards and alliance occupation rewards, while the settlement rewards for the Barren Land include camp rewards and champion points ranking rewards.

  1. Camp Rewards: (Complete participation in the Barren Land until the end of the season can receive “Barren Land Participant” reward)
    1.1. At settlement, victory in the camp can receive “Barren Land Conqueror” reward; the higher the position in the alliance, the better the reward.
    1.2. At settlement, losing camp can receive “Barren Land Explorer” reward; the higher the position in the alliance, the better the reward.
  2. Champion Ponits Rewards
    2.1. By defeating enemy camp rulers’ soldier ants, the ruler can obtain champion points.
    2.2. During the competition period, the champion points and corresponding rankings of three stages will be counted, and the champion points counted in each stage will not affect each other.
    2.3. The champion point ranking of the three stages and the victory or defeat of the camp will affect the final season reward obtained by the ruler.
    3.1. The Barren Land cancels honor ranking rewards, but honor points still affect the maximum number of ant colonies that a ruler can occupy.

[Other Features & Gameplay]
Functions and gameplay such as season ants, ant colonies occupying,anthill enhancement, season rescue, and Gecko will be retained. In the new season, rulers can also experience the brand-new barren land hunter gameplay and challenge honey badgers to get desolate rock.

What do you think of the new season? Welcome to leave a message in the topic comment area with your game ID! The mysterious reward will be sent by email within 7 working days after the deadline of this topic activity on April 25, 23:59:59 (UTC+0).


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Must go . saw and fought
The only thing I don’t like is the division of rewards based on alliance rank. It should be based on user activity and participation

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The new concept with fractions will certainly be interesting. Especially diplomatic conversations will be handled completely different. Lesser chances of backspabing close to the end of the event. You either win as a camp or lose as a camp. Nothing in between possible. :muscle:t3:

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