[Event]Spot the Difference

Spot the Difference

Anty the Ant was on his adventures :mountain_snow: with a photo camera :camera_flash:. When he got back home :house: he held 2 photos from the same place in his hands :open_hands: . At some point, however, the second picture is different. Some things are gone and other things have been added.

Can you help him find all the differences?

How to Participate?
:small_orange_diamond: Submit your answer in Google Form provided below

:small_orange_diamond: Look at both pictures carefully and spot the differences on the right one
:small_orange_diamond: There will be 10 slight differences between the two pictures, encircle the differences.
:small_orange_diamond: only one entry per ID
:small_orange_diamond: only one ID per entry
:small_orange_diamond: the entries will be rewarded based on the number of spot you have identified

Participation rewards
30k Wet soil
30k Meat
30k Plant
30x 1min Speedups

Correct Answer rewards
30k Sand
80k Honey dew
80k Wet soil
45x1min speedups

Duration Time 14 Days
Start 08.08.2022 00:00:00 utc
End 21.08.2022 23:59:59 utc

PS. This event is held by mods and the mod team will only represent the view themselves and the official does not pay any responsibility for any types of disputes caused.

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