Essential Alliance Expedition Strategies

It’s Ashton here, and I’ve got some exciting insights to share from my recent Alliance Expedition experience in Ants Underground Kingdom. Despite a rocky start in my first AE, I learned some game-changing strategies, thanks to advice from a top strategist I know as KV. I’ve compiled these tips into a video, but I also wanted to discuss them here with all of you.

Method 1: Fighting!

  • The most crucial part of the map is the tunnel in the middle, as it leads directly to the highest scoring agaves.
  • If you’re outnumbered, the Swarm method is your best bet. Target the strongest opponent and deplete their durability. This way, if they return to the battle, they can be taken down even more quickly.
  • After focusing on the main enemy, shift your attention to the konjacs, crucial for maintaining control.
  • Always stay in touch with your R4’s and R5’s for real-time tactics and updates in alliance chat.

Method 2: Gathering

  • Set up troop presets: one for fighting and another for gathering, loaded with t2 units for optimal load and speed.
  • Choose T2 units over T1, as they provide the same speed and gather load but with better stats.
  • Use the raider class for its increased march speed, vital for quick resource collection.
  • Remember, the redder an agave on the map, the more points it offers. Focus on the ones near the center tunnel for the highest scores.

These methods are critical for scoring maximum points in AE. The rewards, especially at 20k points, are fantastic and well worth the effort.

For the newcomers, I hope these tips prove helpful. Check out the full video for a detailed walkthrough:

Looking forward to hearing your thoughts and strategies. Let’s keep learning and growing together in this incredible game!

Cheers and happy gaming, Ashton [Camera Slap Effect]


As always ,helpful article and nice video .

Thank you for the tips , one of the methods that i witnesses that enemy kept using normal troops lvl 9 , instead of t10 , And made us think they are weak , in the middle of the event they switch to t10 once we already run out of t10 after many fights .


Perfect guide! Loved it!
Thank you Ashton

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Thank you so much for your kind words and ongoing support! I’m thrilled to hear that you found the video and article helpful.
Also, I’m truly grateful for the strategy you shared. The tactic of initially using normal troops (lvl 9) as a feint, then switching to t10 at a critical moment, is brilliant. It’s a clever way to gain a strategic advantage, and I can see how effective it could be in misleading the opponent. I’m definitely planning to incorporate this approach in my next AE, and I’m excited to see how it will enhance our gameplay.
Your insights are not only invaluable to me but also to the entire community. It’s contributions like yours that enrich our understanding and enjoyment of the game.
Thanks again for your support and for sharing your wisdom!

Best regards,
Ashton Zee


Hello , at what week exactly the AE arrive in new server?

Hello @Bert_Tolentin

Although an exact date is not given for this, AE will be active as soon as SVS is active.

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We are now in first week of bronze match in SVs , I mean First round in Bronze match ,first Bronze match, does AE arrive by next week?

Thank you

Congrats on your first AE and good job with the video :slight_smile:

One thing I would like to know is why KV recommended Raider over Cultivater, because culty gets increased gathering load and gathering march speed which gives you maximum gathering points.

I usually have my big fighters on Raiders and none fighters on Culty, normally one of the gathers gets MVP xD

Bonus tip - make sure to have one of the Masters Special Ants (SM, MM, RM) in your two main gathering troops to increase the march speed :slight_smile: