EN | Treasure Depot

The Treasure Depot building (needs queen Lv. 18)
was released with the update from the 07. Nov 2022 by The Ants.

Worker ants can now also go on explorations. There was a second option added for those informations. You can build and explore at the same time!

The highest possible amount per week is 180 Treasure Clay and 15 Moonlight Essence.
The amount of unlocked worker ants doesn’t change anything about that amount.


Informations for Exploration Queue
One completed 12 hour exploration grants players EXP, depending on the exploration level, and ressources, which include the new fragments.
If you call back your troops early, this will costs you 200 diamonds per troop.

Difference between Exploration Levels
Exploration Lv. 5 is currently the limit.

Highest Treasure Collection Level
As of right now, it is only possible to upgrade to Level 20.
@Tig Server 300


Treasure Depot - Blue Fragments :large_blue_circle:
Informations from: 404 / 360

Green Branch | Black Stone | Shiny Mushroom

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Treasure Depot - Purple Fragments :purple_circle:
Informations from: 404 / 360

Weathered Bone | Fluorescent Ore

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Treasure Depot - Gold Fragments :yellow_circle:
Informations from: 404 / 360

Mysterious Fossil

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