Do you choose to turn on the game background music or turn it off?

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ID: 18253865

First thing I do in every game… as soon as I can go to settings, every sound get’s turned off.

I like the music, on a chaotic day it can be realy calming

ID: 44761562

ID: 63153545

I like to set the music around 5%. it’s calming

Id 42622000 music around 10%

I like to have the music on, usually i play at night and its relaxing. ID: 64202087

Turn it off, or very soft on some games not all.
Id:59184225 server:1077

I agree with you

turn it off

ID = 52697259

Music off, sound on low. I like to listen to my own music.

Turn music on when I’m alone at home :slight_smile:

Id 42622000


Everything ok? :laughing:

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