Diamonds, Diamonds, and more.....Diamonds!

Diamonds, Diamonds, and more…Diamonds!

Diamonds are sometimes the hardest thing to get enough of, especially if you are still pushing VIP 15. Added to that we have a ton of stuff in the VIP store now. If you find yourself struggling, this might be an answer to your prayers.

Video Staff | Lord Cheesus (VIK) is going to show us exactly how many diamonds we get from everything daily and through the week! If you do your planning anything like he does, you’ll be rolling in the dough in no time! If you have anything to say about his work, please click the link below to leave a comment!

P.S. Video Staff members are also players, their views and opinions are personal; please watch or interact at your own risk.


I wonder how many weekly dias he actually gets. That would be “reallistic”, IMHO.


you better leave a comments under his YouTube Video, I bet he will tell you :rofl: