Developers please explan? It's still Christmas

Please please explain why on earth my ant hill still has Christmas theme when it’s half February?

This is becoming quite annoying and tbh seems crazy lazy on the part of the developers.

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It will last throughout Winter Season

عن نفسي احب المناسبات حتى لو لم اعرف المناسبة الاهم وجود موارد لكي ارد الثأر :sweat_smile:

I know, the music is driving me insane

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In Western culture all Christmas decorations including the tree should be removed by January the 6th, this is the culture and tradition why are the developers not respecting this? It’s becoming a joke that this has not been removed…

معلومة فريدة بالنسبة لي . شكرا

When in game go to settings and there is an option to turn off music and adjust volume.

home screen-power level middle top screen-settings-options-top 2 icons

I know other games that only have 2 looks and they switch every 6 months. So 2-3 months with snow aren’t that bad. xD
Also it’s easier to find groundhogs…

You can just go into Lost Island and you don’t have to worry about it anymore.

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It’s no longer Christmas in-game and the music has returned to normal.

Happy anting :slight_smile:


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