Develop Ants in general

I have a few questions in this regard

  1. Is the new Amber Glider worth it. And are there other means of geting it besides Special Ant Growth Plan
  • I would have prefered it to be in the Insect Growth Plan to be honest.
  1. It’s about the Atratus Glider. When you first buy the ability to change the profile picture in the text states that if you do five times you get this orange ant.
  • But after i bought it (i would have bought it anyway) there is no text. So does anyone know what are the next stepps if there are any.

The amber glider can be obtained from eggshell fragments, I think it is 1200 like the hatching special ants.

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Amber Glider is a new orange ant so i doubt it will be on eggshell rotation anytime soon.

I missed the Atratus Glider on rotation by 23 shells. Another Orange Development ant i want (preferably before i run out of buildings to build). Although the 20% defence on anthill is not a bad skill either on him.

Arratus Glider is on rotation now if you haven’t redeem it.

I must be different by server range. On my server i have Crimson healer (witch is easier through leveling up Raider).

  • But ill get Atratus eventually (im already stacking up the eggshells). Mostly for the buildint time (to reduce the spedups) cos duplicates are long term.

You sure, I could have sworn that I saw it on there a few weeks ago?

It was the building one Atratus. Atleast for me.

But from SizzlingGal answer it seems it’s a different rotation for other servers (or range of servers). So i have hopes now.:slight_smile:

Oh i didn’t know there are different rotation for different servers. I am in 410.

I’m on server 657.

And i have Crimson Healer and all the purple resource ants on rotation.

  • So this rotation ill concentrate on the Sand Ant (yellow Spider). Maxing this one is important for me as i always seem to need sand.

Hold dup, your using fragments on purple ants? That is a big no no, you should use them to get the combat develop ant for your troop type, for me it’s the acid ant, I don’t know what your using though. Get your purple ants from stores for exotic fungi/Doq/doqg/crystal mine and from cultivation class rewards

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