Deep Dive into the S-Tier Shooter Ant Lineups

I’m Ashton, and today I’m excited to share an in-depth analysis of some top-tier shooter ant lineups in The Ants Underground Kingdom. This post is a blend of insights from my recent video and an enlightening discussion with Tactics Lead DustStorms. :star2:

:fire: Detailed Breakdown of S-Tier Shooter Ant Lineups:

  1. DB, Weaver Ant (WA), and Wise Berserker (WB) - The Dominant Trio:
  • DB’s Key Role: DB shines in the first three rounds with increased squad attacks (80%) and normal damage (100%). It’s a significant force, especially with its ability to splash damage across enemy lines.
  • Weaver Ant’s Tactical Support: WA stands out with a 70% chance to remove negative statuses and enhance health and defense, crucial in supporting the DB and sustaining the lineup.
  • Wise Berserker’s Offensive Might: WB, with its ability to deal heavy damage to enemy front lines and squads, synergizes well with DB and WA, leading to increased damage output.
  1. Alternative S-Tier Strategy - MR, Formica Clara (FC), and Lathy (LS):
  • MR’s Defensive Capabilities: MR excels at defense, notably immune to initial damage in each round, providing a robust front line.
  • Formica Clara’s Versatility: FC’s skills are a game-changer, reducing skill damage against our ants and boosting backline damage, making it ideal for various positions.
  • Lathy’s High Damage Potential: Lathy’s abilities to deal massive damage and increase skill damage of its squad are pivotal in this lineup.
  1. Reap Master (RM) - A Powerhouse with a Twist:
  • RM’s Damage Focus: RM stands out with its high damage potential, despite lower proc chances. Its ability to silence is a bonus, not the primary focus.

:left_speech_bubble: Let’s Discuss:

I encourage you to share your thoughts, strategies, and questions. Your insights are crucial to enrich our collective understanding of the game’s dynamics.


Amazing article and video, very helpful, I’m happy to see the teamwork among the staff team as well, please keep up the amazing work


So which kind of ant (shooter, carrier or guardian) is the strongest now?