Deep Dive into Meta Carrier Lineups

Hello fellow Ant commanders,

Since we’ve decided to focus on carrier lineups, I wanted to share some insights on specific setups, particularly the Strumi Egg, LB, and Golden Crystal combination. This lineup, while powerful, can be challenging due to LB’s need for preparation and a bit of luck.

Strumi Egg - Frontline S-Tier Ant:

  • Pre-Combat Ability 1: Increases skill damage of all carrier ant squads while reducing normal attack damage by 40%.
  • Pre-Combat Ability 2: Boosts dodge rate by 20%, aiding LB significantly.
  • Pre-Combat Ability 3: In rounds 2, 4, and 6, there’s a 50% chance to double the trigger chance of skill 5 for two random squads.

LB Ant - Middle/Back Line Damage Dealer:

  • Ability 1: 80% chance to attack thrice with a 10% dodge rate increase; the third attack does double damage.
  • Ability 2: Prepares for 2 rounds and then unleashes 750% damage with an 80% trigger chance.
  • Ability 3: Prepares for 1 round and then deals 230% damage to all squads, plus additional effects based on soldier type.

Golden Crystal - Consistent Damage Dealer:

  • Ability 1: 80% chance to deal 280% damage and increase squad attack by 50% for 2 rounds.
  • Ability 2: Prepares for 1 round, then deals 200% damage to all enemy squads, poisoning them for additional damage.
  • Ability 3: 50% chance to deal 130% damage to all enemies; if they’re poisoned, the skill damage increases by 50%.

Alternative S-Tier Lineups:

  • SE, GD, GC Lineup: Relies on Strumi’s dodging ability and LB’s preparation phase, with Golden Crystal dealing substantial damage.

  • GD, SM, GC Build: GD and GC synergize well; SM’s abilities complement both.

GD (Grave Digger) Abilities:

  • Poisons enemies, silences poisoned enemies, and increases skill damage in the first 4 rounds.

SM Abilities:

  • Deals damage to random enemies, exhausts them, and its awakening grants additional skill proc chances.

Reports and Observations:

  • Lineups with Strumi and GD have shown success; however, those with Ghost and Strumi SM have been less effective.
  • In successful reports, Strumi’s skill procs are critical, especially in rounds 2, 4, and 6.

This analysis shows that while the Strumi Egg, LB, and Golden Crystal lineup is potent, it requires a strategic approach.

Would love to hear your thoughts and experiences with these lineups. Let’s discuss!
Post by DustStorms, and Ashton Zee


That’s helpful thanks to both of you and everyone who cleared my doubts about Carrie line up, I have been struggling with finding a time to test and set up my PvP line-up Carrie .

Keep up the hard work.