Cultivator- svs and max resource

Cultivator and SVS

Cultivator shines on gathering day and gathering on enemy server during kill event. To get maximum results on svs points level up grasshopper ( your gathering development bugs) and hatch out t1 and t2 troops. You want to send out max time to recall and use a berry within 5 minutes of event opening. Meat and leaves return highest points

Perks of cultivator
One perk is increased resource protection. Another perk is the class building. It gives instant resources, amount varies per level and activated development ant buff.

There is a 30 percent damage reduction on pro unit.

Ants like red foot and green head have a skill that increases output production. Always activate skills for max resource gain on collection.


The class features of cultivator should be changed to suit your needs. For instance on gathering day you send troops to 4 plant resource nodes you would add carry load increase and add plant gathering boost.

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In the carrier class evotion tree, try to get/activate plant gathering speed and unit load to increase gathered amount on svs related days
Tip from my server friend defiant :slight_smile: ( I took it to heart)