Creature Remains

What is the best option to spend Creature Remnants??

It always depends on your queen level and how far you are already with the available evolutions. Also opinions on this vary a lot. My order of importance would be like this:

  1. Zone Develop
  2. Pro Troop / March Troop I / March Troop II / March Troop III
  3. Guardian - / Shooter - / Carrier Ant
  4. Advanced Combat
  5. Advanced Guardian - / Advanced Shooter - / Advanced

Troops level 9 are important for Pangolin damage.
Level 10 troops take about 1 year to unlock.

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Thanks but what is the creature remnant for in the pro unit or other units?

There is none in there to be honest. But I would still raise them up, before you worry about the troop type evolutions. This way you save up a bit before it tends to get really expensive, really fast. :sweat_smile:

Nowadays I need around 40’000/50’000 creature remains per SvS day.

Wow, that’s too much!

It seems like a lot now, but I’m honestly slowly saving up each week. Sometimes I even do evolution on Saturday, because I have over 100’000 saved up.
2x shell rewards really makes a huge difference!
Plus the really high evolutions give a lot more points as well. So you reach 9th shell with 2-3 Evolutions done.