Creature Remains tips


I am trying to work my way towards T10 ants, but the quantity of creature Remains needed is enormous.

I’m completing all of the strongest warzone shells each day, and buying creature Remains through the VIP store, but does anyone have any tips on how to collect them a bit quicker? I think I’m currently managing about 30,000 per week, and at this rate it’s going to take me years to evolve all 3 ant typed.


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Hello ,

Creature remines same as you said, if you have island or barren land event I suggest to join to play the building day at season map since you finished all building you will struggle with development day svs and can’t gain creature remines.

There is only the VIP store , packages and svs daily 9 shell .

If you unlock the zone development research double rewards that should be easy for you to also gain more CR


If you want to get them faster you have to get your credit card.