Cost Of Soldier Reform Essence; Is it really appropriate?

Today the game has released soldier “reform essence” which is essential for the star up of Cooperation Star-up in soldier reform pool. In this case, each reform essence cost 30k Diamonds and there is a total of two for sale at 60k Diamonds.

To players who do not know, there is a total maximum of 10 stars for cooperation star-up for each type of soldier ants in the soldier reform pool.

From 0 star to 1 star on any soldier type in cooperation, star-up requires 20 “reform essence”, which means 30k Diamonds x 20 = 600k Diamonds for 1-star cooperation star up of 1 soldier type.

Hence, a max 10-star cooperation star up will cost you more than 6 million diamonds or more depending on the unknown x amount of reform essence that might be needed for a higher star up. Yet, this 6M lowest estimate cost is just for one single type of soldier. As a carrier, shooter, and guardian each has a different star-up and it is not universal.

Critics might argue that players earn a lot of diamonds through SvS and colony action. However, with weekly VIP items and the addition of reform essence (60K diamonds for 2) and Supreme spore (40K diamonds for 2) is it really enough to support the cost of VIP and future items continue to add to the cost while the number of diamonds in SvS and colony action still remain limited? Don’t forget about the alternate week paying event which cost around 60K diamonds or more as well.

In conclusion, I think it is time for the game to source more diamonds for players and reduce some cost of extremely illogical costs of items like the reform essence as they add in ridiculous amounts of diamond costly items as new players will face more difficulty while old players are facing a deficit of diamonds as these new items are added in.

(Photos below are for references)

  • Yes, the game should increase the diamond output of players and reduce the cost of new items as it cost diamonds deficit.
  • No, all the new items added does not cost any problem to my diamond savings and my diamonds still will grow even after these.

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Feel free to share your opinion on this week’s new items in the VIP store in the reply section as it will represent more people’s opinions on this issue.

Please upvote the suggestion in world suggestion in the ants’ discord server, link is below Discord

Although I don’t feel like this world suggestion has ever been seen or seriously considered by the developers, I am still going to try for the sake of everyone well being.

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I agree with you. 100k crystals have been added to my expenses in the VIP store, and this does not please me in the slightest :smiling_face_with_tear:

To share my personal expense for the weekly VIP store I have to spend 260k diamonds per week (Including the new mutation spore and reform essence) from now on. Yet, 260k is the cost of a non-paying event, if there is a paying event it will top 320K diamonds. Keep in mind, that this 320k is not included other macro-cost like duels tickets, ladybug, alliance donation, etc. Summing the total amount to 330-340k cost per week (paying event week). Does anyone earn 330-340k diamonds from SvS and colony actions, the force of life event per week?

You know the answer well.

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Update: The concept of one star for each cooperation 1-10 is wrong.

For example, if you unlocked cooperation I it can have a max of 5 stars. This means that if 20 reform essence is the basis, you need 100 reform essence for a 5 stars cooperation I.

There are 10 cooperation stages, which means each stage has a max of 5 stars. Hence, it is more than I previously stated as I just take a clear reading on the manual.

Lastly, according to the manual provided in-game it seems like you need to max out cooperation I at 5 stars before you can star up cooperation II or higher.

(Essentially mean that you need 100 reform essence or more before you can star up cooperation II or higher while the game sells at 30k per reform essence in the VIP store weekly which is very unreasonable as it cost diamond deficit to players even they complete many Colony actions and all SVS)