CHI - 724 is recruiting serious and active players!

Hey i’m Y , i’m representing CHI - Chimeras alliance from 724 .

I’m recruiting serious and very active players from our range (701 - 749) for our next LI ( in 1 month ) . All our players are Q25 and have T9 , we have a well established and friendly community with a very active discord full of tips and guides .

We are very mature and friendly people , we do not tolerate any trash talking / negativity or toxicity within our alliance or against any other alliance . So please keep that in mind before contacting me , any rude behaviour will result in an immediate ban , no questions asked or excuse accepted .

Our server is FarmVille , we only fight in LI , AE and KE . We’ll do LI as much as we’re allowed too , so you’ll have all the fun you need in the Island .
We plan to make our server into gold range and home for every type of players , that’s why we don’t allow any purge day within it .

Our alliance is very multi-cultural , we literally have people from every corner of the world . Americans/Europeans/Latino/Arabic/Asiatic /Australian …
For this reason we mainly use English to communicate within our community .

Reminder : We absolutely don’t tolerate any kind of toxicity/negativity within alliance and you’ll find yourself blocked by all the alliance if you do and kicked immediately once we go back from LI .

Discord is a must within the alliance , so contact me on discord : -Y#6611


Thanks for posting Y!

I enjoy your in depth explanation of CHI’s atmosphere and the explanation of why your server is the way it is with no combat. I feel knowing the why can help influence an individual’s decision.


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Thx , we believe that every player deserves to play the game in a positive atmosphere , keeping a server with purge day alive and free from toxicity requires huge efforts and coordination of all alliances .

We choosed the easy way which is no purge day and many alliances joined later from servers around to escape bully alliances .

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It makes sense to me. You’re building a server that’s a safe haven. That can definitely be an attraction.

To help clarify for others potentially wanting to join, if a bully ends up on your server, how are they handled?

hello xinh chào mọi người… có ai chơi cung tôi không :hibiscus:tôi là người chơi mới xinh hãy :shamrock:chỉ tôi cách chơi di.

Most alliances on 724 are a little bit strict on accepting new players .
Before CSC hit out servers , we used to all drop our powers drastically to avoid any unwanted rogue we couldn’t deal with .

Every strong players that applied to join our server back then went under serious investigation before we allowed them to join ( we made only 3 exception during all the 4 migrations event )

We had few rogues in the early game , the way we dealt with them is Kill on Sight and Silence treatment .It’s really hard to be declared rogue in 724 , we try all possible ways to reasons those guys first , but once you are declared rogue it’s game over , everyone will block you and just attack you until you get bored and leave .

Sounds like you guys have really thought about a process to ensure the safe haven you’re creating. I like it. Thank you for you dedication to the ants community and I wish you luck on your adventures. :slight_smile: :hugs:



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