Can you help me 😭

How long does the server stay open for island events?

Hello Primo
In which regard do you mean stay open…
Like for other players to migrate to through CSC?
Or for sign-up period?

Hi Sarluna
I come from s948
When is the island event?

Hello , the CSC stay open for 6-7 days
On day 6 you can’t leave the alliance who sing up to the event ( barren land or lost island )

You can check the preview period in events list

Note : if you are certainly on lost island or barren land ,you can’t check.

I guess, you guys don’t have island event unlocked yet?
Once it’s available for your server, it will show up under events.
It will stay in the top slot, like you can see in Duchess Screenshot.
You will probably only have access to the Lost Island Event at first.
Later on Barren Land should be unlocked for you guys as well. ^^

Tip to prepare ahead though.
Save up as many resources in your storage as possible.
Try to complete a lot of ant colonies and get diamonds, speed-ups and honey ready for future fights.
If you need to build something, complete evolutions or create troops, try to farm those resources from other hives. This way you only use what you have in your open storage and your inventory continues to grow. :blush: