Bullet Ant.....?

I decided to level up my bullet ant cause I like how cool he looks LOL :laughing: :sunglasses: is it worth it though???

Hi Mallory, im a great fan of BA myself, is not considered a Tier S ant because others performance better, is a solid ant for front lines, do a decent damage on events and for player vs player is touhg too with his supresion 8th skill( irecomend you always put it middle or first row) Hope help you little

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THANK YOU SO MUCH for replying back to me and i am also glad you are a fan of it also! I almost have him at level 50 and everything unlocked n to ten

The bullet ant is good for silencing skills. It is an average ant, not the best but if that’s your only sixth skill then use it first for your formation. Especially if you are in a newer server, then just use whatever ants you have 6th skill unlocked first.

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