Hi there
I am at the position that i must choose if i push my bio-essence at lvl 2 to get fast 3 or better push first all of them to lvl 1
The 30%speed is much better for 50 bio-essence, than the 5%atk and 20%speedfrom lvl 2 from 100

Whats the boost at following stages?

It makes more sense to level them all to 1 first and then take the next step. With mutations you’re better off if you raise everything to the same stage.

Known Stages are as followed:

Lv. 1 → Lv. 2 → Lv. 3
All Soldier Ants Damage +3.0% +5.0% +7.0%
All Soldier Ants Combat Speed +30.0 +50.0 +50.0
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Exacto es mejor nivelar a nivel 1

the right one:

well what i thought
thank u for ur answers :slight_smile: