Barren Lands Crossword Event

Olivia's Exploration Notes

Curator Ophelia has flown off to learn about the new Barren Lands that scouts have recently discovered. She’s come back to the forum to teach what she has discovered. To help you learn, she has created a puzzle to introduce some of the new concepts from this upcoming season.

Solve the puzzle below and submit your answers on this Google form to collect in-game rewards and to earn a special badge!

:alarm_clock: Event Deadline:

:scroll: Event Rules:
Only 1 Entry per Account

Participation rewards
30k Wet soil
30k Meat
30k Plant
30x 1min Speedups
Correct answer rewards
30k Sand
80k Honey dew
80k Wet soil
45x1min speedups

The letters in the highlighted boxes can be unscrambled to reveal a secret code.


Across Down
1.First time the concept appears in the Game 2.Wonder Name
6.Name of the Red Camp 3.R5 and officers can publish a new feature
7.The new season’s name contains two words 4.An animal belonging to the family Musteldae
9.New fortress interaction that will affect buffs 5.New item that can provide buffs
7.Color of left side of map
8.A New Special Ant

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