Barren Land Preview

Does anyone know when the Barren Land Preview ends?

In 4 days and 9 hours

Thanks for clearing that up for me @Duchess_Q.
My alliance is currently participating in LI so im guessing thats maybe why those events arnt showing up for me

when you are on island you cant see the event of barren land or any review

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8+ days are a really tight fit though.
So I guess it doesn’t make much sense to leave early anymore.
Hope you guys will manage it in time. :blush:

If you initiate the leaving process tomorrow, you will be back on the normal server on the 25th.
My alliances started it today at 12 UTC. This way we can still complete the 9 shells on the 24th by enhancing buildings but will be back in time to gather on the normal server as well.

R5 & R4 can start the process to leave the island event. But all members will then have to vote and you need > 70% for either decision to go through.

Voting goes on for 72 hrs
Leaving period for 48 hrs
Total of 5 days (depending on the starting time they clicked the leaving button)


Thanks I appreciate that

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