Barren Land Camp Battle Exploration 18: Camp Management Function

As the new season is conducted in a camp-vs-camp manner, a brand new camp management function has been introduced for easy management. In the camp management interface, players can view the occupation status of both camps’ wonders, the match information between the two camps, and various camp functions such as camp leader, camp skills, camp buildings, camp buffs, camp management channel, camp mail, and quitting the season.

Camp Leader: During the selection period, players can select the alliance and R5 of their camp as the camp leader. After season starts, the camp leader can transfer or be replaced.
Camp Skills: The leaders of both camps can specify time periods to activate camp protection on the last day of the selection period, which will prevent their camp’s fortress and towers from being attacked. However, the camp will also face restrictions on building and marching.
Camp Buildings: Players can view information about camp fortresses, wonders, residences, anthills, channels, ferries,and camp resource nodes that are automatically occupied by the camp at the beginning of the season.
Camp Buffs: When an alliance occupies a stronghold, all alliances in the same camp will receive camp gains. The camp gain statistics interface shows the total amount of camp gains obtained by all alliances in the same camp.
Camp Management Channel: R5 and officers of all alliances in the same camp can chat and create topics in this interface.
Camp Mail: Camp leaders can send season notification emails to all players in the same camp.
Leaving the Season: R5 in the same camp can initiate a vote to quit the season, which all rulers in the camp can participate in. If the vote passes, all rulers in the camp will leave the season together.

In addition to the camp management function, a special guest has been invited for the new season. It is known as “the most fearless animal in the world.” Can you guess what it is? Leave your thoughts and attach your game ID in the comments section! Mysterious rewards will be sent via email within seven working days after the activity deadline on April 17 at 23:59:59 (UTC+0).

In addition, the video team behind Jerry participated in the entire “Barren Land Camp Battle Exploration”. With their keen observation, they discovered valuable information and produced many interesting speculations. You can click the content below to learn more!

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It’s great to see clans of different servers to play as a team! I wanna see how the team will get themselves coordinated

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Game ID#42751610, I wanna find an active clan that promotes those who are actively playing