Barren Land Camp Battle Exploration 16: Season Rewards

The ways of obtaining rewards in Barren Land still include season achievements, milestones, and the season store. However, the season settlement rewards for Barren Land are divided into camp rewards and chanpion point ranking rewards.

  1. Camp Rewards
    1.1. During settlement, the winning camp will receive the “Bareen Land Conqueror” reward, with higher-ranking alliance members receiving better rewards.
    1.2. During settlement, the losing camp will receive the “Barren Land Explorer” reward, with higher-ranking alliance members receiving better rewards as well.

  2. Champion Point Ranking Rewards
    2.1. Rulers can obtain champion points by defeating enemy camp rulers.
    2.2. The champion points and corresponding rankings for three stages will be calculated during the competition period, and the champion points for each stage do not affect each other.
    2.3. The ranking of champion points and camp victory or defeat during the three stages will affect the final season settlement rewards obtained by rulers.

  3. Notes
    The honor ranking rewards have been cancelled in the Barren Land season settlement, but honor points still affect the maximum number of ant colonies that rulers can occupy.

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