Barren Island favors Wreck Camp

The road to getting to the 1st clash wonder in the south is extremely lopsided in favor of the Wreck camp. It is far easier for that camp to get there and set up a perimeter. Wreck camp only needs to build 16 towers and take a lair5. The other camp needs 19 towers, take 2 different ferries, and 2 different lair4’s. How is this fair. And the top clash wonder isn’t any better. It favors Wreck camp by about 4 towers and 2 ferries. How is this fair? Please tell me, Of all the Barren islands completed so far, how many were won by the Wreck camp.

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Evening @TheBigGuy
Don’t necessarily agree with you. What happens much more is that the camp, that can build sooner, has an advantage. Whoever reaches the wonders first, will always have the advantage. Don’t recommend shield time from 00 - 08 UTC. You need to swing the event around on one day, so they need to catch up first again otherwise. :roll_eyes:

On my first BL we won with the blue side. On this map the Blue side has the buff for that zone ans has been destroying our red sides camp nearly to extinction. The only way we were able to hold against it was setting up a barricade at the 5 ports. This way they have no chance to cross over, since the tunnels have a buff for a much longer time.

On my friends round though, they’re run over completely by the blue camp.

If you cross over the ports, only 1 alliance can cross at the time, but your whole camp can attack them in the building, without accidentally attacking each other.

It all matters on what happens in the first two zones, before the other ones open. Normally the picture will stay somewhat the same, since troops and ressources are already rather low then.


Totally agree with you about map should be fair for both side

Ive been three times and wreck wins. However we are over half way in now and Stone camp is ahead!!!

The map is unfair as is matchmaking. All the high teams go to wreck and lower teams to stone. You should divide up the power in matchmaking to give stone camp a chance!

this is true i win 2 time on wreck camp and lost 1 time in stone camp. Stone camp often have farm alliance in the team and yes the map is unfair

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