Arabella Series - Treasure Hunt with Bella´s Ants

A short story from Arabella about Bella’s ants and a treasure hunt. A treasure hunt with Bella’s crazy ants. What could go wrong?

Once upon a time, a buzzing anthill was located in the heart of a vast forest. The ants of this particular anthill were known for their incredible work ethic, unwavering loyalty to their queen, and love for adventure. One day, the queen of the anthill, a wise and respected Bella, decided that it was time for her colony to embark on a grand adventure. She gathered her most trusted advisors and announced that they would be going on a treasure hunt.

Well, this would have been an excellent start for a story, but we have to be honest here. Bella was indeed a loved and respected leader. Her ants respected her wisdom and the way she was leading the colony. But mostly, they admired her patience. You see, Bella’s ants were a little crazy (if we are being honest, they were very crazy), so their leader had to put up with many strange things happening in her anthill, like when her ants decided to perform the play Hamlet by Shakespeare. The idea was great, but Bella’s ants performed it dressed in cow costumes. Bella could remember that day very clearly:

“To be or not to be. That is the question” - at the big stage in the middle of the square, a group of ants dressed as cows were playing Hamlet. The ant playing the leading role was holding a dead fish.
Why are you dressed as cows? - Bella asked
We only have cow costumes.
And why the dead fish?
You told us yesterday that dead fish were necessary for evolution, so we got it from the pond."

So when her ants came up with the idea of looking for treasure, Bella was a little skeptic, but the entire colony met the idea of going on a treasure hunt with great excitement and enthusiasm, and preparations for the journey began immediately. Preparations included making explorer hats and whips for everyone, gathering food and writing songs for the trip.

Marching on, one by one
Ants set out to have some fun
With our eyes sharp and bright
We will find the treasure, day or night
With our teamwork, we’ll succeed
Our unity will make us exceed
We’ll carry back the treasure trove
And show our leader we’re bold and brave

In Bella’s anthill lived a small and adventurous ant named BW. She had always dreamed of going on an exciting treasure hunt and finding a valuable treasure that would make her the talk of the colony. One day, as she was gathering food for her colony (a task she got as a punishment for pranking the kitchen staff with a rubber spider in the soup), she heard the talk among the other ants about the expedition to hunt for treasure. Without wasting a moment, BW eagerly asked if she could follow. BW knew that she had to embark on this adventure and find the treasure for her anthill.

Finally, the day of the adventure arrived, and the ants set out into the forest in search of treasure. They searched high and low, over hills and through valleys, but despite their best efforts, they were unable to find any treasure. As the day wore on, the ants began to grow tired and discouraged. Just when they were about to give up, BW had an idea. She suggested that they search for treasure in an unlikely place - a groundhog hole. At first, the other ants were sceptical. After all, groundhog holes were not typically known for containing treasure. But Bella reminded them that some treasure would come out of the hole when they fought the groundhog. Maybe there was a bigger treasure if they dug deep enough.

Suddenly BW’s antennae perked up. She had found something! With great excitement, she called out to Bella, and they both rushed forward to see a groundhog hole. Without hesitation, Bella climbed inside the hole with BW by her side.

With excitement in her heart, BW began to dig deep into the earth. This was the opportunity to show other ants that she was one of the best. She dug and dug, her tiny hands working tirelessly until she finally hit something hard. With a burst of energy, BW dug faster and deeper until she uncovered a small chest buried deep in the ground.

The ants quickly realized that this was the treasure they had been searching for. They scurried towards it, eager to collect their hard-earned reward. However, just as they were about to reach the hole, they were suddenly confronted by a huge groundhog.

The groundhog had been living in the clearing for years and had grown quite territorial. He was not going to let the ants take the treasure without a fight. The groundhog bared his teeth and growled at the ants, warning them to stay away. But the ants quickly rallied together and began to swarm the groundhog. The groundhog was taken aback by the sudden attack and tried to fend off the ants with his massive paws. But the ants were too quick and too numerous. They crawled all over the groundhog’s body, biting and stinging him relentlessly. They chased him around the clearing, biting and stinging him every step of the way. Eventually, the groundhog grew tired and weak. He collapsed to the ground, defeated.

With the groundhog defeated, the ants were able to claim their treasure. It was diamonds and fodder and food. When the expedition arrived back at the colony, they were welcomed with cheers and applause.

BW was now a hero in the colony, and her name was on the lips of every ant. She felt proud of her achievement and knew she had accomplished something remarkable. She became an inspiration to all other ants in the colony. Her adventurous spirit and determination to succeed had shown them that anything was possible if they believed in themselves and worked hard to achieve their goals.

Bella continued to be known as the fearless and kind leader of the colony, and she continued to go on many adventures with her ants, always eager to see what kind of craziness they would come up with next.