Arabella Series - Stamina

Everyone is fighting, getting kills and having fun. Your troops are sleeping, getting stamina back, so you can only watch all that fun. Have you ever been in a position like that? Probably. We have all been there. Here is a short one about Stamina

In The Ants Underground Kingdom, in Bella’s Anthill
There lived some ants with bunnies on the grill.
When in battle, they fought with bravery and might,
But their stamina vanished, much to their plight.

With their armour gleaming and swords held high,
They charged into fights, oh my, oh my!
Yet mid-battle, their stamina took flight,
Leaving them stunned, searching day and night.

They scoured the battlefield, frantic and wary,
In quest of the stamina they’d lost, oh so hairy.
From blades of grass to pebbles so small,
They hunted for stamina, not wanting to fall.

Their enemies stood puzzled, puzzled as can be,
As Bella’s ants rummaged for stamina, you see.
With magnifying glasses and miniature charts,
They explored every nook and examined all parts.

“Where’s our stamina hiding?” they queried aloud,
As they dug through the soil, both frantic and proud.
But alas, it eluded them, playing a game,
Leaving them weary though filled with no shame.

“Rest well, dear warriors, you ants so small,
Your stamina’s flighty, but we won’t let you fall.
For even with breaks, you bring us delight,
In your battles of naptime, you win the fight!”

So let’s cheer for Bella’s ants, forever in the quest,
To find their stamina, their ultimate zest.
In battles of search, they may wander astray,
But their determination remains, come what may!


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That’s a nice story

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